FLEEA Insurance Cover and the Risks

FLEEA Insurance Cover

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‘What is FLEEA Insurance Cover?’ is a common question when buying unoccupied home insurance and it’s an important one to consider.

Online insurance providers commonly only offer FLEEA insurance cover, although they might call it something else.  If you get a quote from Insuristic, this is our most basic cover level that we call bronze.

FLEEA policies only cover claims caused by Fire, Lightning, Earthquake, Explosion, and impact of Aircraft.

Which, let’s face it, is pretty basic.  So, you need to be happy self-insuring the gaps in the cover, such as if there is a flood, escape of water, theft, or malicious or accidental damage at the property. 

These are common causes of claims for unoccupied property, for which a FLEEA policy provides zero cover.

If you are arranging cover for your own property, you might be happy to accept the risk of not having broader coverage.  Although for the minimal additional cost, you might want to consider buying more cover.

However, suppose you aren’t the owner but are responsible for insuring the property. For example, if you are an executor or administrator insuring empty property during probate or have a power of attorney responsible for insuring unoccupied property while the owner is in care, it may be risky to buy a FLEEA insurance policy.

In both scenarios, you have a duty of care to insure the property. If there are uninsured losses that you could have insured against, you could be held personally liable and, as such, are required to put things right at your own expense.

So for peace of mind, you might want to consider obtaining unoccupied home insurance from a specialist like Insuristic.

You can choose from three levels of cover to match the level of risk you are prepared to take or pass on to the insurer via an insurance policy.  Our cover is clearly explained and unlikely to catch you out, providing you read and comply with our policy terms and conditions.

Plus, if you are unfortunate enough to have a claim, our in-house claims team can assist you at every stage, such as instructing loss adjusters and negotiating a fair settlement with insurers on your behalf.

So, if you are worried about finding the right level cover, why not play it safe and get a quote online from Insuristic.co.uk?  It will only take you a couple of minutes to buy a policy with a level of cover you are comfortable with and that shouldn’t hit you in the pocket when there is a claim.

I hope this video helps you understand FLEEA insurance cover and its drawbacks. If you found it helpful, please give us a like, and for more insurance tips, please follow our channel.

Have a great day.

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