Insuristic Estate Protect and the end for Section 27 Notices

Estate Protect the end for Section 27 Notices

The recent launch of Insuristic Estate Protect, allows law firms to arrange the various probate legal indemnity insurance policies (where there are no known issues), faster and cheaper than other probate legal indemnity insurance policies we offer.  

But in addition to this, firms no longer need to arrange a Section 27 notice and newspaper placements as a requirement for the cover.

Section 27 Insurance policies arranged on the Insuristic Estate Protect scheme can often be cheaper than a Section 27 notice.  So, with the added protection for beneficiaries, does this signal the end of Section 27 notices for Insuristic Estate Protect clients?

Understanding the Pain Points of Traditional Section 27 Notices:

For decades, Section 27 notices have served as the primary tool for protecting personal representatives from unknown creditor claims after estate distribution.

However, this method comes with inherent drawbacks:

  • Costly and time-consuming: Placing newspaper advertisements and arranging legal notices can be expensive and require significant administrative effort.
  • Limited protection to beneficiaries: Section 27 notices only shield executors and personal representatives, leaving beneficiaries exposed to potential claims, causing additional stress and financial hardship in the future if a claim arises.

Introducing Insuristic Estate Protect: A Streamlined Solution:

Insuristic Estate Protect addresses these pain points by offering a streamlined insurance-based alternative:

  • Faster and cheaper: Policies can be issued in seconds, often at a much lower cost compared to other policies available to Insuristic.
  • Comprehensive coverage: Unlike Section 27 notices, the insurance protects both personal representatives and beneficiaries, offering complete peace of mind.
  • Reduced administrative burden: The streamlined application and issuance process minimises administrative work for legal professionals.

Advantages of Insuristic Estate Protect for Law Firms:

Beyond the benefits for beneficiaries, Insuristic Estate Protect offers several advantages for law firms:

  • Enhanced client service: By proactively offering comprehensive Section 27 Insurance protection, firms can demonstrate a commitment to client well-being and build trust.
  • Reduced risk of PI claims: Failing to offer adequate insurance protection could expose firms to professional indemnity claims in case of unforeseen creditor claims.
  • Improved efficiency: Faster policy issuance and reduced administrative burden frees up valuable time for lawyers to focus on other aspects of casework.

What is the cost difference between Section 27 Insurance and Section 27 Notice?

Section 27 Insurance will be cheaper than a Section 27 Notice for many clients.  Here is an example of an estate of £250,000 that has a clear credit and liabilities search:

Section 27 Notice Costs (including VAT):

  • Placing the notice: £102
  • Local newspaper notice: £288
  • Total: £390

(Prices correct at time of publication)

There may be additional costs such as the addition of logos, postal forwarding and other administrative costs.

Section 27 Insurance cost (including Insurance Premium Tax): £119.00 representing a saving of £271.00 whilst covering the executors, personal representatives and beneficiaries from claims from unknown creditors.

Is it the End of Section 27 Notices? Not Entirely, but a Paradigm Shift is Likely:

It will take time for the market to shift its thinking and stop automatically applying for Section 27 Notices and instead seeking Section 27 Insurance quotations first.

However, the convenience, cost-effectiveness, and broader coverage offered by Insuristic Estate Protect are likely to make it a popular choice for many forward-thinking probate professionals.

To find out more or sign-up visit our Insuristic Estate Protect web page.

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